A tele-support program connecting individuals who have tested positive for novel coronavirus (Covid-19) with the education, social support and community resources they may need for quarantine. You are not alone and our trained volunteers are here to help you for the duration of your recovery at home. We provide this service free of charge.

The Care4Covid model is about community activation to fight the war on Covid-19. We are in the midst of pandemic and we need to utilize every resource we can as a nation.

On the one end, there are millions of Americans who are isolated at home but have the compassion and will to help. Many have even lost their jobs and/or have health care experience. On the other end, there are thousands of people who are being diagnosed with Covid-19 every day, 80% of whom are not hospitalized and are sent home with instructions to quarantine.

We recruit and train at-home volunteers to connect with those who are quarantined to ensure they have the education, social support and community resources they may need to successfully quarantine.

Together, we can contain the spread of this virus and emerge a healthier, stronger and more connected community!

If you, or a member of your household, has tested positive, please register and a volunteer will contact you.

Find out more about volunteering for the Care4Covid program.

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